The Next Big Thing


The Future of Video Technology

The future of visual effect industry belongs to the billions of smartphone users.

No matter what your vantage point in the visual effects industry, it is clear that the business is changing significantly. The industry was built on innovation and proprietary software, with new techniques invented in rapid succession. Over time, software tools have become more available and increasingly sophisticated. But still require massive computational power and are available only on the desktop.

It's time for the next big step. Stormbelt is working on bringing to smartphones sophisticated and groundbreaking technology that previously has been reserved only for high performance computers.

The company is based on three pillars:

  • Phenomenal user applications
    Allow you to do amazing things with photo and video in real time.
  • Social Cloud (
    Allows you to stream, store and share photos and videos in a way you have never seen before. Combine them with yours friends' photos and videos to create albums, comics or movies.
  • Search engine
    Allows you to search for people, words and places in movie archives.

The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.

Steve Jobs

Go beyond the limitations and release your imagination with Optic!

Stormbelt is working on the most advanced, comprehensive and accurate graphic system for mobile devices. The Optic is an extraordinary Application. You have not seen anything like this before.

Our Real Time Noise Reduction System, based on the world's most advanced algorithms for image restoration, can clean up a video during recording and significantly improve the quality. The quality of movies is like nothing you have seen before. With amazing automatic colour correction and phenomenal colour grading the effect is breathtaking!

Most of our marvelous special effects work on the fly! You can apply a ghost behind your friends and watch in real time how the ghost is putting a hand on their arms. But don't show them the movie asking "have you seen this?" because the effects are so remarkable that it might risk a heart attack!

When you take a photo you can automatically store and share it using our cloud. Your photo and your friends' photo streams can be combined together into albums, comics or movies in real time.

Pair and Share

Imagine an App that you can stream and merge video from different devices on the fly.

We support "Pair and Share" technology allow pairing of up to 5 devices using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and remote capture and switch between cameras. You can even pair a TV as a projector with iPhone and Google Glass as cameras and separately use the iPad to control what is displaying on the TV and merge and edit streams on the fly.

You can stream the video to others no matters how far away they are. Merge on live cameras with your friends and share the result!

Do you want to edit and improve your photo gallery with your girlfriend from another city at the same time? No problem! Do you want to record a soccer game when you and your friends are sitting in different places in the stadium? You can mix images from your different viewpoints! Just pair your smartphones and merge and share video with them! Just like you’re sitting next to each other!

There is only you and your camera. The limitations in your photography are in yourself, for what we see is what we are.

Ernst Haas
Make Me Beautiful

For those who want to enhance their make-up in photos we have something special.

We all love to get positive attention about our appearance, but it can be hard to be the stand out in a crowd of people that have photoshopped themselves into gorgeousness. It is your turn now. Make Me Beautiful is the App that is going to change how the world sees you.

You can compete with all your friends with this simple-to-use App that is going to make you look flawless. This amazing App will make sure that every picture you post is picture perfect!

You can look like a celebrity in every picture. Need a little tuck here or there? Want larger breasts? Bigger lips and eyes? Smoother complexion? All of it can come true with Make Me Beautiful!

The App makes you look like a stunner every time.
You can kiss your mirror and makeup goodbye. With this easy to use App you are always going to look your absolute best.

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Innovation Through Passion

Stormbelt is a new start-up with headquarters in London and a Research Lab in Krakow. Our goal is simple: to create excellent and innovative Apps. We focus on video processing and social aspects of video and photo sharing. At the moment we are working on two mobile products and one service.

Optic is the world's most advanced, comprehensive and accurate graphic system for mobile devices that applies Hollywood quality special effects in real time to photos and movies.

Make Me Beautiful is the App that is going to change how the world sees you. This amazing App will make sure that every picture you post is perfect! Make Me Beautiful will transform your look right before your eyes and makes you look like a stunner every time. You will love it!

The Face Search service will allow you to find friends, words and places in the video.

Real time eyes colour changes algorithm

An early version of Optic

An early version of Make Me Beautiful

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